Write365 iOS App for Creatives

Write365 is a fast, simple, and fun way to get over writer’s block.

The Write365 app was built for creative writers and bloggers looking for inspiration for the next story or blog post. It is a simple yet addictive creative writing tool for Creatives. With a simple tap, unleash hundreds of creative writing prompts specifically designed to battle writer’s block and inspire original storytelling.

365 Creative Writing Prompts on the Write365 iPhone App by Campfire Chic

Ready to start writing? You can start drafting your response in an email to yourself thanks to the in-app email function!

Best for:

  • Bloggers working on new content
  • Creative writers in need of a challenge
  • Scrapbookers wanting fresh ideas
  • Art journalers looking for inspiration

With over 365 creative writing prompts,
your writer’s block will be a thing of the past!

Tap. Get Inspired. Write.




rukristin papercrafts for write365 iOS appI opened the app, picked out a favorite prompt, hit the email button and started journaling right in an email to myself — this way I would be able to copy and paste it right here into the blog. This was such a perfect night activity, because I didn’t need to put any effort into remembering where my journaling was the next day — I just opened up my email and everything was ready to go. – Kristin of rukristin papercrafts
Amy of Lemon & Raspberry for Three Sixty-Five ebook by Campfire ChicWrite365 is PERFECT for those of us that are just stumped on what kinds of stories need to be told. I forget about things like what it was like in my neighborhood growing up or the fact that we had a ‘no singing at the dinner table’ rule until it happens to come up in conversation with my husband. – Amy of Lemon and Raspberry
Moe Testimonial for Write365 iOS App - Campfire Chic“If you’re someone just starting out in journalling and find it hard to find fun prompts easily – this is the app for you. I have always wanted to create fun journaling projects but rarely find the inspiration. This simple app can nudge you in the right direction.” – Moe of Five Sixteenths